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With mandatory quarantine in full effect, I’ve really been trying to appreciate the slow down in my day to day routine. An area I’ve really been enjoying is my morning skin sessions. I’ve developed this really calming and relaxing ritual that starts my day off on the best foot. All the products I use are either homemade or eco-friendly. There are some products I want to adopt into my routine but I’m just trying to find the perfect company to buy from. My morning and night routine differ a little bit (mostly just products used) but follow the same basic steps. 

Morning routine: 

  1. Splash my face with cold water: Not only does it help tighten my skin first thing in the morning but it also helps wake me up which is important since I am not a morning person.
  2. Cleanse: I use a Naked Pure Olive Oil Moisturizing Bar by Kiss My Face. I love this soap bar because it doesn’t dry out my skin but leaves it super soft and moisturized. So soft that I could just wash and not even moisturize because my face doesn’t feel tight at all. Plus it only has 3 ingredients, olive oil, sea salt, and water. 3 bars cost $10 and ¼ of one bar lasts me about 2-3 months, so great bang for your buck. While I wash my face, I give myself a brief facial massage. It feels really nice and helps depuff my face and rid my face of toxin build-up. 
  3. UPDATE: I no longer use Witchhazel as toner as I’ve found its actually not the best in the long run and is very drying! Toner: Next, I apply a toner I make. Well, I don’t make it, I just pour witch hazel in a spray bottle. I use my reusable cotton round to wipe it all over my face. It gets rid of any dirt or bacteria left on my face and helps reset the pH of my skin.
  4. Serum: I apply a CBD serum from the company Le Pragma. They use glass containers which I prefer over plastic and the way they source their CBD is as top quality. Full transparency from seed to shelf, not to mention they own their entire supply chain so they have 100% control over the quality of their CBD. I get a lot of redness on my face and this serum definitely helps with that. I am looking for a Vitamin C serum to apply prior to this step, but need to do some more research. So if you recommend any let ya girl know in the comments.
  5. Eye Cream: I got this firming under eye cream from Celestial Living, a zero-waste holistic boutique on Etsy. This cream only has 5 ingredients, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, rosewater & Frankincense essential oil, it smells amazing! I love to give my under eyes a little massage as I apply this too. Honestly this cream firms and tightens well, so I also like to apply a little to my neck area. A little goes a long way too with this product. 
  6. Oil: The oil I use on my face is again from Le Pragma. It’s super lightweight and the texture is really nice, not slimy. 
  1. Moisturizer: I use the Le Pragma Face cream to moisturize my face. You’d think after all the product I’m putting on my skin it would feel heavy and thick but it’s not. That’s why I prefer the Le Pragma products in the morning compared to my homemade oils which I save for nighttime. I can’t stand the feeling of product on my face so having found a company that takes care of my skin but doesn’t weigh me down was a must for me.
  2. Sunscreen: All the aestheticians out there would hate me. I used to never wear sunscreen. Mostly because I hated the feeling of product on my face and every sunscreen my dad bought felt so heavy. Luckily I found this zero waste, reef safe tinted sunscreen SPF 50 by MyChelle. I love the small ingredient list, glass packaging and quality of the product. Again doesn’t feel heavy on my face, helps even out my skin tone and most importantly protects me from the harsh sun rays I love so much. 

Optional: Every 2-3 days I’ll exfoliate by adding dried out coffee grounds to my cleanse step. It works perfectly and is not too rough. Plus coffee helps reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. 

And done!

Nighttime routine: 

  1. Remove makeup: I am not wearing makeup with this quarantine but if I did I would remove my make up with some olive or coconut oil on a reusable cotton round. It gently removes my makeup without drying out my delicate eye skin.
  2. Cleanse: I use the same cleanser Naked Pure Olive Oil Moisturizing Bar by Kiss My Face. I massage my face a little but not as much as in the morning because I save the facial massage for the end of my routine for nights. 
  3. Toner: Use witch hazel spray on a reusable cotton round. 
  4. Eye cream: I use the firming under eye cream from Celestial Living again and still put some on my neck.
  5. Retinol: I have this nighttime retinol cream from the company I work for. It’s not available yet so TBD on that. 
  6. Oil: Now I use my homemade oil tincture. I combine jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sometimes rosehip if I have it. I rub a generous amount all over my face, neck, and chest.
  7. Facial Massage: My favorite part, I gently massage my face with my hands for about 1-2 minutes. Then I have an emerald gua sha or jade roller I use to massage my face even deeper to drain all the build-up from my day. I focus on my jawline, cheeks, forehead, and neck. It feels amazing, and helps with congestion (which I have a lot of, allergies), headaches and relax my thyroid (I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease so this is essential for me)

Optional: Every two-three nights or so, I switch between using a micro derma roller on my face after the cleanse step (I do apply a little CBD Serum to help it roll on my face and penetrate into my skin) or a face mask of choice. This I would do after the toner step, before the eye cream step. Sometimes I get store-bought ones as gifts and use those or I’ll make my own like bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar or something more calming like avocado and oats. 

It may seem like a lot to do in the mornings but it’s a form of self-care for me and I really enjoy doing it. I actually look forward to this morning ritual, it’s a time to love on myself, which I feel people rarely do.

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