Sustainable DIY Hand Sanitizer

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How to protect yourself amidst a pandemic in the most zero waste-ish and natural-ish way possible? Why a DIY hand Sanitizer of course! With the country having a little to no hand sanitizer available, this is a great time to make your own. This way you’ll always be prepared if you go somewhere and need to sanitize, not only for the safety of yourself and your family but others as well. Initially, I had made hand sanitizer with witch hazel, but the CDC recommends you use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. So I swapped the witch hazel with 99% isopropyl alcohol (this is why I say natural-ish). It’s not going to smell as lovely as the witch hazel option but it will definitely smell better than straight alcohol. This hand sanitizer is too easy to make, smells amazing, and leaves your hands feeling super soft. Whaaa? Hand sanitizer that makes your hands feel soft? Yes, here’s what you’ll need: 

With Isopropyl Alcohol 

-1 to 2 tbls isopropyl alcohol (I cannot find this in bulk or glass anywhere so I had to opt for a plastic bottle.

-tea tree (10 drops) + lavender (5 drops) essential oils

-the gel of an aloe vera stem (used a 1 in cut)

With Witch Hazel

-1 to 2 tbsp witch hazel (I cannot find this in bulk anywhere or even the Thayers brand in a glass bottle so I had to opt for a plastic bottle).

-tea tree (10 drops) + lavender (5 drops) essential oils

-the gel of an aloe vera stem (used a 1 in cut)

Mix all of these together in a bowl, I used a whisk. For a better mixture, you can use a blender. Note: the aloe vera won’t combine that well but it’s okay mine didn’t either. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and you are done. I hated using hand sanitizer because of the way it made my hands feel and the smell but now I look forward to each use. It’s basically a hand sanitizer, lotion, and perfume all in one!

Sustainable Eco-friendly DIY Hand sanitizer ingredients you will need
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