Simple Zero Waste Granita Recipe

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Granita is a sweet icy treat that originated in Sicily. It is made from fruit sugar and other ingredients. The recipe I’m going to share with you today is very simple and the only ingredient required is fruit. Fruit is naturally very sweet so there’s no need to add additional sweetener, in my opinion. For this recipe, I decided to make use of some blood oranges that were about to go bad. I try and reduce my food waste as much as possible and this sweet treat was the outcome. But you can also use kiwis, strawberries, lemons, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon or any other type of sweet juicy fruit you have lying around. When you’re done, be sure to use the citrus rinds to make a homemade cleaner or compost any scraps.

The experience of having those tiny ice crystals melt on your tongue is magical. I really liked using blood orange juice because not only did it create the most gorgeous color but I loved how it was both sweet and tart. Now let’s get into how you can create this super tasty treat with no fancy blenders or complicated instructions.

What you’ll need:

-Fruit of choice


-Shallow pan

-Blender depending of fruit you choose

-Wooden juicer (optional)

-Strainer (optional)


  1. Use a wooden juicer to juice blood oranges (or you could just use your hands) and if you are using a different type of fruit you may need to blend it up into a purée
  2. Once you have the juice or purée pour it through a strainer so there is no pulp but if you don’t have a strainer and left the pulp it would still taste super yummy
  3. Pour juice in the pan and place in freezer
  4. Freeze until solid then use the fork to scrap the solidified juice block, this is what creates the ice flakes
  5. After you scrape through the entire block and have a nice pan full of fluffy, juicy, sweet iced flakes put it back into the freezer
  6. I leave the pan in there for 15 to 20 minutes just so the ice solidifies more it since it melted a little bit as you were scraping it
  7. Scoop into a bowl or eat it straight out of the pan if you’re like me and can’t wait
  8. Buon appetito!

Now enjoy your sweet bowl of granita and imagine yourself on a cobblestone street, a sea breeze during spring time, and the sound of vespas zooming around you.


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