Lilia Lopez’s Guide To Thrifting in Tucson

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I freaking love buying things second hand. You save money, fight fast fashion, and find some truly unique pieces no one has. I’ve decided to create a guide to some of my favorite places to thrift and what I usually find at each place.


I think when anyone thinks thrifting they automatically think Goodwill. This place is awesome, they keep their prices low and I always find something special. I really like to shop at Goodwill for: 

  • Two-piece sets 
  • Trousers
  • Coats/blazers 

They do also have an online store so if you don’t feel comfortable shopping in person yet, you have that option. The only beef I have with Goodwill is the fact that their messaging tries to frame them as a non-profit org when they are 100% FOR PROFIT, their CEO is a billionaire. So the sketchy marketing kinda rubs me the wrong way, which is why I will often try to go to local thrift stores v. Goodwill if I have the option.


I love my local savers, the customer service is always A1 and the finds are nothing less than spectacular. I love to visit Savers for:

  • Graphic tees (often found in the mens section), 
  • Beautiful lace slip dresses found in their lingerie section
  • Jewelry
  • Home decor goods

Each store helps support a local charitable organization from the sales they make which I think is awesome!

Casa De Los Niños Thrift Store

I always like to bring my high quality donated clothes here versus a Goodwill because I love what this non-profit stands for. I would rather my gently used items help support this cause versus Goodwill. As for thrifting, sometimes it’s hit or miss here, but when you do find something it’s a good one. I found some gently used Reeboks here that looked practically brand new. They do vet the items that come in so you can always expect quality and gently used items which are nice, it prevents you from having to sift through a bunch of super worn pieces. 

Located in Tucson: 1302 E Prince Rd, Tucson, AZ 85719


I would call Depop the trendy online thrifting app. Think of it as a mixture of eBay and Instagram. The images are super high quality and they style the clothes in a very aesthetic way to help you visualize the different ways you could wear the piece. You follow people and they can follow you back similar to a social media app. The people you follow will show up on your feed so if you’re just there to shop, it’s helpful to follow lots of people who sell you kind of style to not have a boring feed full of pieces you don’t want. Depop has some of the most unique pieces I’ve ever seen. Anything from an old-style pin-up fashion to super authentic 80’s and 90’s pieces. I’ve even seen vintage high-end designer pieces in great condition. However, for these hotter items expect to pay more than traditional thrifting prices. You can definitely get deals here, but you do have to look around. 

Some of my favorite Depop accounts: 

Fanny Kahlo 

Dirty Canyon Girl



Lala Lopez



A lot of people actually create thrift shops in addition to Poshmark and Depop on Instagram. I like thrifting this way too because you get to know the person behind the brand, it feels more personal. I find really cool Instagram thrift shops on my explore page, through Tiktok and hashtag searches. 

Here are some of my favorite Instagram Accounts: 

ZonaSoles – Amazing graphic tees, oversized crew neck sweaters, shoes and vintage denim

Probably Vintage Store -Really awesome graphic tees, and designer pieces. They also have a physical store which is nice if you want to see anything in person first

Ethica – Super cute trendy women’s pieces, her stuff sells out quick though so make sure you set a reminder for her next drop 9/6 @ 5 pm

Jane Dottie Vintage – Super trendy and unique vintage clothing plus really cute scrunchies and other accessories

It does take a little bit more patience to shop second hand than it does to shop fast fashion but I think that makes you appreciate the clothes you find so much more. If you’re looking for a specific piece of clothing I highly recommend trying out these various secondhand options before you buy brand new. You’ll likely find a piece no one else has made of much higher quality for a way more affordable price. Which places are you excited to try first, let me know on my Instagram. You can also see some awesome pieces I’ve personally found from these places on my Instagram as well. PEACE!!!!


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