How to be a Sustainable Festival Attendee

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I just attended my very first music festival, OutsideLands. Transitioning to a more planet-lovin’ lifestyle I decided to see how I can participate in all the festivities that come with going to a festival while minimizing my waste as much as possible. 

Minimizing Waste When It Came to Clothes

When I first bought the tickets the first thing that came to mind was outfits! What will I wear? It’s so tempting to want to buy brand new super cute and unique pieces to take the cutest pictures in, trust me I was tempted. I even browsed some of my used-to-be favorite stores like Forever 21, H&M etc. but I promised myself I would no longer support companies who encourage fast fashion. So I first looked in my closet to see what I did have. I really just wanted a new shirt and since my favorite rapper of all time was playing I knew I wanted a shirt with his face on it. So I went to my favorite trendy second-hand app Depop and found the perfect shirt for $10 HOLLA. Also I needed a fanny pack but instead of impulsy buying one on Amazon, I just asked my tio if I could borrow his. My outfit was complete and looked great if I do say so myself.

Minimizing Waste Getting There

I do not live in San Francisco where the festival was help so I did have to fly there. We paid a little more to get a direct flight because as you learned from my air travel post direct flights are a little more sustainable than ones with many layovers. When it came to what I packed, I packed light and brought all my zero waste goodies. Bamboo toothbrush, facial oil + cleaner, round reusable cotton pads, my agave fiber washcloth, shampoo and conditioner bars and more. Lastly, to get to and from the concert we used ride share app, Lyft and chose the shared option to not only save on $$$ but also the shared option which requires less emissions to get more people to their destinations sustainably. 

Minimizing Waste At The Festival

What I’ve learned from the few concerts I’ve been too is the amount of waste that gets left behind and that’s just a concert. I couldn’t imagine a 3-day festival. So in order to minimize my impact I decided to bring an empty reusable water bottle and my bamboo cutlery. I didn’t drink anything but water but if you were going to drink I would suggest bringing an empty mason jar or something similar for ya dranks! Though there was still a lot of waste on the floor by the end of it all, they had staff there to pick it up and almost all of the waste was compostable or recyclable so it made me feel a little better. Go OutsideLands and the City of San Francisco for having a municipal composting system. 

There are many small things you can do to be a more sustainable festival attendee it just requires a little extra thought and pre-planning but in the end totally worth it. What are some ways you can think of to limit your impact whilst enjoying some tunes?

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