DIY Sustainable Face Moisturizer + Toner

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I was recently in the market for a new toner and moisturizer and thought this would be the perfect time I switch to an all natural and sustainable face routine. I figured there’s nothing more natural and affordable than making your our products so that’s exactly what I did. Here is the DIY recipe for a simple and sustainable alternative to face moisturizer and toner.

Moisturizer: jojoba oil (buy in bulk at local co-op or store)

Toner: 1/3 apple cider vinegar + 2/3 water —>Combine in a spray bottle.

Under eye cream: coconut oil in a glass roller

After washing my face, I spray the toner on a reusable cotton round and wipe my face down then finish off with a couple drops of jojoba oil. After I grab my eye roller and roll the oil on my under eyes only. Personally I found that coconut oil is not the best oil moisturizer because it tends to make me to break out since it is a denser oil.

I feel like there is the avoidance for using oil to moisturize your face because oil is related to pimples and breakouts but I have not had an issue and my skin has actually been clearer than when I used store bought products. Often times people dry out their skin like crazy, but this causes your body to produce more oil to make up for the natural oil you just striped from you face. Using a light, quick absorbing oil like jojoba or grapeseed oil is a perfect natural alternative to those pricey fancy face lotions you get at the store that are most likely filled with a bunch of toxins you can’t even pronounce. Yikes! If you are in Tucson, I buy my jojoba oil in bulk at Aqua Vita on Country Club or at your local co-op. I bring this little jar when I’m low, and just fill er’ up! If you’re confused by what I mean by this check out my other blog post about buying in bulk.

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