DIY Repurposed Jeans to Shorts

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It’s summertime which means swimming, sunshine, and shorts. I grew out of my shorts from last year but don’t want to spend $40-$50 on a cute new pair of comfortable, quality, high waisted shorts. Not to mention the companies who sell those cute shorts produce them in unsustainable and unethical ways. I’ll pass the on spending my hard-earned money to support the exploitation of human beings and the pollution of our planet. Thank you, NEXT! I remembered in high school, the thing to do was making shorts out of an old pair of jeans. I decided that was exactly what I was going to do. It’s more sustainable, affordable and customizable to fit my body perfectly.

Finding the perfect pants!

I decided to hit up my local thrift store and started searching through rows and rows of denim jeans. After I collected 10 promising pieces I headed to the changing rooms. The perfect pair needed to be made of quality yet comfortable material, very high waisted and fit perfectly around the waist and loose around the thighs. (The worst thing is shorts that suffocate your legs). The biggest thing to remember while doing this is seeing the potential in each pair. For example, the pair I decided to go with flared a lot towards the bottom and were not the most flattering. BUT, they fit comfortably around the waist and the perfect amount of room around the thighs. $6 later and they were mine!

Making the shorts

  1. Lay the pants down on a large surface as flat as you can possibly make them.
  2. Cut one leg pant off right above your knee. I cut them at mid-thigh and they were a little shorter than I would’ve liked. You can always cut off more but never add any length.
  3. Fold the pants in half and cut along your previous cut so they are even. Note: I am not good with scissors, hence the jagged edges, but it didn’t matter because these were going to be a rolled pair. If you don’t plan on folding this pair invest in some large sharp scissors.
  4. Fold up the pants to your desired length, I wanted mine to be mid-thigh but since my initial cut was too short then ended up being a little shorter.
  5. Done!

Now you have the cutest most comfortable repurposed pair of high waisted shorts at a fraction of the price. Plus you’ll appreciate them so much more because you created them yourself. The fact that they were made from pants really helps reduce your thighs from chafing since they are naturally looser around the legs, which I appreciate. Whenever you’re needing something new, always try and get creative and see if you can recycle or reuse an item before you buy new, I guarantee you 9 times out of 10 you’ll enjoy them so much more.


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