Benefits of An Orange.

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Oranges are so special. Not only are they super yummy, have a beautiful color with varieties that are all over the orange colored spectrum but they have crazy health benefits.This is what you’re getting when you treat yourself to an orange:

+A boost in Vitamin C. One large orange provides over 100% of the recommended daily intake.

+Strengthens your immune system to help the body fight infections such as the common cold, argh!

+Prevents skin damage. Oranges are loaded with anti-oxidants which help protect skin from free radical damage known to cause signs of aging. A fun tip I like to do is after I peel and eat and orange, I’ll rub the peel all over my face to get those added benefits right onto my skin. #zerowaste Be careful though, rinse your face before going out into the sun or you can easily get a nasty burn wherever you applied the orange peel.

+Helps keep blood pressure under check because of the presence of magnesium and its rich in Vitamins B6, which helps to support the production of hemoglobin.

+Controls blood sugar level because the fibre.

+Lowers the risk of cancer because of the presence of D- limonene, a compound that is said to prevent cancers like lung, skin and even breast cancer. Also the antioxidants in oranges help build up your body’s immune system to help fight against free radicals that could lead to cancer.

Look at all you’re getting just by eating an orange. Mama earth provides all that we could ever need. See, orange you glad you read this post? Hehe peace!

“I’m More Than Just An Orange” – An Orange

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