About Me

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
Robert Swan

Hello world! My name is Lilia Lopez. Join me in my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. This journey started when I moved home from California to Arizona and saw how differently people created waste. Not using reusable grocery bags or straws and instead single use plastics were quite the norm. I wanted my home to be as eco-friendly as possible and thus lit a fire in me to start living more sustainability and build a community of individuals who wanted to do the same. The more I educated myself about the zero waste movement the more I became infuriated with how much excess waste we create every single day. It was time to take the blind fold off and start living a life that didn’t contribute to this epidemic. Join me on this journey to live more sustainably, help me make BYORS ( Bring your own reusable straws) the norm. Lets eliminate trash cans in homes and restaurants and replace them with recycling and compost bins. I promise to be transparent, authentic and engaging with the content I create. Figure out all you need to know, as I learn too, about making the transition from living a life surrounded by waste to one that respects the wonderful planet we inhabit. Read comment and engage and let’s make a change one small step at a time.