A Weekend In Palma Mallorca

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Can I just say this cute little island off the coast of Spain is a dream, if you have the opportunity to come, I highly recommend it. The sites were amazing, the food was delicious and the people are the best. I recommend using Skyscanner, our round trip ticket only cost $45, and our Hostel, Hostel Atlanta was super affordable. For a video experience of the trip, check out my Youtube.

Day 1: Exploring the beautiful city of Palma! First stop, the cathedral. The architecture of this cathedral was insane. First of all, it was massive, the detailing was insane, a total gothic-era cathedral. My favorite part was the small garden, in the beginning. It was beautiful with all the different kinds of plants and different irrigation systems, it really set a nice tone as you first embarked into the cathedral. Now, the beach view from the top, that was amazing. After we soaked up the beautiful cathedral, we walked around the streets peeping into storefronts and eating lots of gelato. We even came across the coolest comic book museum. For dinner we had paella and dessert, my first time trying Crema De Catalyuña.

Day 2: We rented a car and went beach hopping, as that is the best way to explore the island. I can’t remember exactly the name of the place we rented the car but I know it was by Can Pastilla Beach, they have tons of signs everywhere for rental cars, at an affordable rate, I think we paid like 40€. The first place we went to was Cala D’or, this adorable private little beach felt like out of a movie, even the little houses surrounding were a dream aesthetic. We just looked up random beaches on a map and decided on this one, when we drove there we parked by the cutest house and started walking. After about 8-10 minutes of walking, we embarked on the private beach, it slowly came into view as we passed down an alleyway lined with trees. The best part, there were only 4 other people, we basically had the beach to ourselves, I’m sure it was a local spot with how quiet, quaint and beautiful it was, a true treasure to find. The water was ice cold but that didn’t stop me and Deanna from cliff jumping in and swimming around. The water felt like pins and needles but we didn’t care. We swam out to one of the little cliff sides that line the beach and went cliff jumping and even partook in a Spanish activity by tanning topless, it was so freeing. Next up, we found ourselves in Cala Pi. This was an area that had some sort of ancient ruins it appeared and then as you walked further, it ended with a big cliff that gave us the most amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. The water was such a deep blue it reminded me of the darker colored Gatorade. Our last stop, thanks to Deanna and her clever hunt for gorgeous spots, we found ourselves at Llucmajor. There was an overlook spot that made the ocean look like glass it was breathtaking, especially with the sun setting. It was a perfect way to end our beach hopping experience. That night we went to a local beach by our hostel, played some volleyball and ended the night with the best paella from our new friend Stephen. 

Day 3: We spent day three in the beautiful city of Valldemossa. From the city of Palma, we took a bus up the mountain. The bus ticket was fairly cheap, less than 40€. This whole city was made of cobblestone with forest green shutters and potted plants everywhere, aka my dream. We walked around and found all these cute little shops. The sun was shining, making the city glow with this beautiful bronze color, it was amazing. We ate at this cute café where I got chicken noodle soup. My favorite part of the city was all the little nooks and crannies, there was always something beautiful around every corner. There is a traditional puff pastry, ensaymadas, that originated from this small town. So of course we had to try it and it was wonderful it was a super puffy, pillowy pastry with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. After dessert, we bused back down to the city of Palma and enjoyed our evening there. 

Day 4: Our last day in Palma 🙁 this day was an all-day beach day. We woke up and put on our swimsuits and headed to the beach by our hostel. Our hostel was amazing and had various beach gear that we could borrow so we obviously grabbed the snorkel. While we were at the beach we bought some champagne and orange juice and had Mimosas right on the beach under the palm trees. I had never been to a beach where palm trees grew right on the beach, so that was a cool experience for me. Where I was studying abroad, in Salamanca, Spain, it had been really cold so it was super nice to be able to soak up the sun and escape the cold for a little while. After our full beach day, we showered and went to Aroma to eat. There we met some super nice Irish people who told us what to see while in Ireland (our next trip). After dinner, we stayed up all night until our flight at 6 AM (do not recommend).

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